BPO Services


            Bluez infomatic Call Centers provides customer service support 24x7. We also dispatch service and technical support personnel according to escalation protocol. Through our technological innovation, end to end Cisco set up and customized solutions, we offer a superior level of service and provide databases that can be maintained and accessed locally or across the web.
            We believe effective Customer Service Outsourcing starts with properly understanding the problem. It’s about knowing who’s calling and why. Effective Customer Service Outsourcing uses every ounce of information from each conversation to help solve, predict and plan for future interactions.


             Bluez Infomatic specializes in a range of inbound call center services, live chat technology and service, and BPO solutions. Our services have proven to be effective in easing communication, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and ensuring better customer relationships.
We specialize in the following inbound call center services:
• Inbound Web Chat
• Inbound Sales
• Customer Service
• Tech Support
• Lead Generation
• Help Desk
• Order Taking
• Telemarketing Services
            Every business is unique, and a single solution does not fit every business. We understand the uniqueness of your business and tailor our services to match your industry. We assure our clients that the outsourced process is well taken care by professionals. The clients can save substantial amount of cost on operational overheads by outsourcing and still be able to provide professional service to their customers. We use technology and build or customize systems to offer high end inbound support services. The clients will be provided online access to track operations in real time from sitting in their office.
             Our facility is centrally located in the city with 100% redundant systems for internet, voice, electricity supply etc. to offer uninterrupted service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our inbound call center services. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and exploring how we can leverage our experience to help you.
             Contact us today to learn more about our inbound call center services. We look forward to discussing your unique needs and exploring how we can leverage our experience to help you


            Bluez Infomatic specializes in outbound call center services and offers a wide-array of call center and BPO solutions to help you increase revenue, reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and better delight your customers.
Our outbound call centers focus on the following services:
• Web Chat
• Outbound Sales
• Customer Service
• Tech Support
• Lead Generation
• Follow-up
• Voice Broadcast
             Bluez Infomatic provides specialized sales and service solutions geared to your unique industry. Our experienced management team has decades of experience working in the trenches of call center operations in corporations spanning financial services to retail to telecommunications. We understand the complexities of these unique business models and bring this expertise to you through our outsourcing solutions.


            In the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry, non-voice processes actually entail activities like email marketing, making reports, processing of papers as well as several other activities where the agents are not required to speak to clients / customers. At Bluez Infomatic BPO Services we train our representatives for the non-voice processes by nurturing their other skills apart from the speech skills. Our agents are experts at written communication and we focus on being understood by your customers through chat and email. Transaction processing, email support and chat support are provided by highly efficient agents of Bluez Infomatic. Bluez’s agents know how to get an idea clear to the customers and resolve all customer issues through an email message or a chat message. Our non-voice processes are as cost effective and efficient as our voice processes; we have designed our services to meet your deadlines.