Employee Speaks

25 July 2017.

Bluez Infomatic has the most beautiful infrastructure helps employees to work better . Bluez Infomatic locates itself in the mid of the city which provides better transportation,Hospitality and so on. If a employee feels disturbed then here available a lot of entertaining factors such as TV,Indoor Games,etc. Also Bluez engage the floor more energetic by conducting programs & celebrations for several occasions.

31 July 2017.

Our Journey comes over 4 Years passed with many changes to both the company and for employees. It is an end to end business processing service provider. Process methodologies are integrated with IT and providing technical solutions followed with MNC projects helps in enhancing our knowledge.

06 June 2017

Bluez Infomatic is a developing Software company with excellent working infrastructure which make the employees feels comfortable . Bluez Infomatic Implementing new projects periodically that helps in the growth of the company and the career of the employees.

02 August 2017

Our company provides a friendly atmosphere for employees which allow us to express our own ideas for the betterment of the company and employees. It provide us to work on many new projects helps us gaining more knowledge on latest trends and technologies. Thanks bluez!

18 June 2017

I believed that BLUEZ INFOMATIC offering such things can improve job satisfaction and help us to stand out from competitors. In order to benefit of the employees, they understood what it has their target want, whether it will be a financial or another way. I hope that the factors that improve employees performance has to be recognized with many ways like mode of incentives, encouraging posters with applauses. The most important thing was the base salary was very much satisfied when compared to that of modern MNC companies. Our infrastructure was friendly with encouraging words filled with thought of our MDs, this is the way they are giving boosters to us. The effectiveness of these company can be measured in employee engagement levels and their retention of staff so I should trust our company at any level. Myself, employees regard factors such as limiting work-related stress and learning opportunities as more important; these two things that were considered important by our management .

08 August 2017

Bluez is an Developing BPO-IT Company with good Infrastructure and environment. It has enough resources located in mid of the city provides a comfort zone for clients and employees. We feels better refreshment while we are moving along with bluez.