Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you're a small business owner or marketer, avoiding common email marketing mistakes is key. This includes using too much sales speak, failing to optimise for mobile devices, not segmenting customers, and not taking the date and time into account when sending emails. Also, images, aesthetics, and branding can affect engagement rates, so pay attention to those as well. Crafting personalised emails with concise subject lines can boost open rates, while having a strong call-to-action increases click-throughs.

7 Common email marketing mistakes to avoid

If your emails aren't getting the response you want, pay attention to the common email mistakes listed below.

Ignoring the sender's reputation

It's important to maintain a good sender reputation, as it'll reduce the chances of it ending up in customers' spam folders. This can be done by verifying bounce rates, monitoring opens, and utilising tools to improve your reputation.

Failing to include a CTA button

When composing emails for your customers, be sure that they serve a purpose. Let them know what you want when you send them an email; "hello" doesn't really give them anything. Including a call-to-action button is essential, but remember: don't inundate their inbox with too many CTA buttons; make it stand out and ensure that the action can be taken with minimal clicks.

Using a no-reply ID

Using no-reply emails may seem like a logical option, but they will have negative implications for deliverability and make customers feel their feedback is of no value. It's best to use an address that allows customers to easily reply with their comments and questions for increased engagement.

Running A/B testing after the fact

A/B testing should be conducted first before releasing any messages; devise multiple versions for various components such as the "from" address, subject line, etc. Then send them out to a sample population and analyse the results in order to assess what determines successful engagement!

Skipping welcome emails

Welcome messages are key for setting expectations for future communications, plus they demonstrate that you care about the customer, which aids in avoiding high unsubscribe rates or being viewed as just a number in a list!

Designing unresponsive emails

Customers often open emails on devices other than computers, so ensure your messages are responsive and readable on phones and tablets. This includes being mindful of email accessibility for screen readers, etc. Other adjustments, like increasing font size and adding media queries to HTML emails, can also help create user-friendly experiences.

Failing to track the campaign

It's essential to track the response rate of your email marketing campaign to know if your strategy is working. This means integrating tracking software to figure out which messages inspire customers to act. By monitoring progress, you'll be able to fine-tune your marketing and get better conversion rates.


Email marketing is undoubtedly a popular and successful way of getting your message out there. But, unfortunately, many marketers are executing it incorrectly. Although the errors are easy to fix once they're spotted, it can be tricky to figure out where mistakes are being made. In this article, we've listed some of the common mistakes in email marketing and how you can fix them. Follow these tips and you'll see a big improvement in your campaign - resulting in better customer retention.

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