Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

To keep up with digital marketing trends, it's important to stay on top of email marketing best practices. This list includes tried and tested tips that you can use in your B2C or B2B email campaigns this year. These strategies draw from recent studies as well as newer tools now available - all of which are sure to deliver great results for 2023!

Creating a successful email marketing strategy for your clients can seem daunting, but with these simple tips you'll be off to a great start. Keep emails short, between 60-200 words, and include visuals such as images of products or services — this will help unique the recipients' interest. Follow these guidelines and watch your audience engagement increase!

Segment your subscriber database:

Subscriber segmentation is a powerful email marketing tool for improving engagement and conversions. It involves grouping your subscribers into categories based on their behaviour, interests, or other criteria so that you can craft more targeted messages. This makes it easier to send personalized emails and allows you to create multiple versions of the same message tailor-made for each group—including welcome emails, thank-you emails, and follow-up notes.

Implement Automation:

Automating your email series is possible with tools like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Convertkit. With these email marketing services you can create automated emails that get triggered when someone opens an email, clicks a link or makes a purchase from you. This allows you to send out the same tailored messages according to schedule without having to manually do it each time.

Design Mobile-Friendly Emails:

Emails are essential for businesses, and it is even more important to make them mobile-friendly. Consumers often rely on their phones when checking emails, so optimizing them accordingly can help promote sales or discounts. When creating an email promoting a sale or product pictures, they should be easily accessible through the use of a mobile device. Additionally, users should have the option to click on promotions or links that direct them to view your website in their preferred browser on their phone.

Personalize Your Emails:

The average person receives far too many spam emails, so sending targeted messages to potential customers is an effective way to boost response rates. Personalizing your emails provides a more personal touch and connection for subscribers—rather than just seeing it as another email in their inbox.

A/B Test Email Content:

Conduct A/B tests to gain invaluable insights into your subscribers. Test variations of the subject line, body copy, layout, CTA language or button colour, images and more - but remember to only change one element at a time in order to get accurate results.

If you're trying to promote a free guide on driving traffic to your website, here are some examples of subject lines that may work:

- Increase Your Site's Traffic with These 10 Tips

- Discover the Missing Link in Website Visibility

- Download My Free Guide for More Website Traffic Now!

- Attract Visitors Easily With These Proven Methods.


By testing out these variations, you can find which words grab readers' attention and spark more engagement either through prevention or goal based messages.

Find the Best Timing:

Determining the optimal times for email campaigns requires taking specific factors into account. These variables include when customers last visited your website, what action they took while on your site, whether any transactions were completed and more. To determine the best times to send emails, using Google Analytics can be helpful. By accessing Goal conversion measurements, you'll get data such as bounce rate, exit pages, and goal completion which you can use to formulate an effective strategy.

When sending emails, you should also take into account factors like holidays and people's schedules. For instance, mail open rates tend to be lower around the holiday season, late at night or in the early hours of Monday morning, as well as on Friday evenings.

Set up trigger emails to prevent missed opportunities:

Triggered emails are one of the most effective ways to engage customers, with a 70.5% higher open rate compared to regular emails. These automated messages target your audience when they're already engaged—for example, by sending them reminders after abandoning a cart or requesting feedback after an order is completed. You might also send a review request shortly after purchase and even a welcome email as soon as someone joins you onboard.

Tell a story:

Stories have the amazing power to engage and inspire readers, no matter how long. By leveraging storytelling in your email marketing campaigns, you can make a lasting impression that helps convert leads into customers. Here are some of our favourite ways to use stories in email marketing:

Tell an interesting and brief tale about your newest product or service—what inspired it, what makes it unique? This will grab people's attention while reminding them why they should choose yours over competitors’ offerings.

Highlight one of your success stories with a quick introduction before linking to more detailed write-ups on the topic. Showing off customer satisfaction is surefire way to show potential buyers why there’s value in investing with you.

Utilize Email Analytics To Improve Campaigns:

To ensure your emails get seen by the right people, it's important to consider other factors like holidays and peak times for email opens. By utilizing email analytics such as open rates, click-troughs, unsubscribes and bounces you can enhance your campaigns in meaningful ways. Consider testing different subject lines, calls to action and creative variations at different points throughout the week. In this way you can improve engagement with each new round of messages sent out.


Email marketing remains a great way to promote your online store, build relationships with customers and increase sales. In this article, we'll explore some creative ways to construct emails as well as email series so you can refine your strategy for maximum efficiency. To ensure improvement over time, it's important that you have the ability to measure results from each of these techniques — metrics such as those provided by A/B testing are essential in helping cultivate stronger connections with subscribers.

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